Modular, cost-effective solution for indoor calf raising
Calf-Tel introduced the first free-standing, completely modular, indoor pen system and now introduces the next generation pen front design. The new Pen Front works seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel pens, but now provides a number of enhanced features unique to the Calf-Tel Pen System designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your operation.

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Easy-Grip XL Handle
Snap-in Heavy Duty Pail Holder
6-way Door Hinge
AirMax back for maximum ventilation
Adjustable Venting
Rugged, easy to use steel L-rods


  • Exclusive 6-way door opens inward or outward to meet individual preference
  • Door can be hinged on either left or right side
  • Easy-grip XL handle
  • Heavy duty snap-in pail holder
  • Steel reinforced door frame – the only steel reinforced plastic door of its kind
  • Optional feed pail dividers reduces feed waste
  • Wider door for improved access and ventilation
  • Higher standard pail height
  • Easily mount an optional nipple pail
  • New pail holders limit calves from knocking out buckets
  • Improved handle for increased strength
  • Easy to set up, configure, expand, and truly only requires one person
  • Easy to sanitize to ensure ultimate calf health
  • Rugged, long-lasting, solid steel hardware connectors take only seconds to configure
  • Pen dividers and solid side panels to keep calves separated
  • Interlocks back-to-back and side-to-side to easily configure to your facility
  • Superior ventilation with standard adjustable rear venting
  • Separated feed buckets – keeps feed dry
  • Free standing and modular – does not require permanent installation
  • Optional accessories and components – adapts to all management styles and practices:
    • AirMax Back for maximum ventilation
    • Bottle holders
    • Feed pail dividers

Site Layout

Space requirements will vary depending on individual configurations. When using the AirMax, the pen system can only be configured side-by-side.

  • Pen Width 4 ft. (122cm)
  • Pen Lengths 4.5 ft. (135cm) 6 ft. (183cm) or 7 ft. (214cm)



Pen Component Weights

Pen Front - Original 28 lbs. 13 kg.
Pen Front - 2012 24 lbs. 11 kg.
Pen Back - Standard 19 lbs. 9 kg.
Pen Back - AirMax 21 lbs. 10 kg.
4.5" Side Panel * 26 lbs. 12 kg.
6' Side Panel* 36 lbs. 16 kg.
7' Side Panel * 40 lbs. 18 kg.
Component Kit ** 7.8 lbs. 4 kg.
*L-Rods included in the Pen Sides
**Component Kit includes: handle (and hardware), two pail holders, two pails (choice of black or white), and pen divider. 

Assembled Pen Dimensions

Width 4’ 122cm
Lengths Available 4’5”, 6', 7' 135cm, 183cm, 214cm
Height 45" 114cm