There are more calves housed in Calf-Tel calf-housing systems than in any other manufactured system in the world. Our first calf hutch model, the Pro, introduced in 1981, was engineered and manufactured so well that it is still in use today.

There is no other calf hutch manufacturer that has had such longevity and success, but don’t take our word for it…
See what our customers are saying:

Fertile Ridge Dairy, Mount Horeb, WI

"When we expanded, our goal was to improve calf raising efficiencies yet still provide individual and isolated care to our young claves. The Calf-Tel pen system allowed us to achieve both goals. The Calf-Tel pen system is light weight, easy to maneuver, assemble and dissemble. These attributes make cleaning and sanitizing between calves very easy. The addition of the open air backs has further improved our calf management, providing a means to keep air flow to the calves and minimize respiratory disease risk."

— Joel Sutter, Fertile Ridge Dairy, Mount Horeb, WI

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Kooistra Dairy Farm, Woodstock, IL

"Calf-Tel maternity pens are an integral part of our calf raising program during the winter months. Small in size, the maternity pens help us take the bite out of the winter weather, allowing us to house our newborn calves indoors during the first few weeks of life during the winter months. Maternity Pens are placed inside our calving facility, in an area that was previously underutilized space. The maternity pens conveniently go together, are very easy to clean, maintain and take apart. They also only require one person to move when needed."

— Joel & Linnea Kooistra, Kooistra Dairy Farm, Woodstock, IL

Melichar Broad Acres, Port Washington, WI

"Air Flow and ease of bedding and cleaning is what attracted us to the Calf-Tel Deluxe II system. After using Calf-Tel for more than two decades, we know first-hand that these hutches work very well and continually get better every generation."

- Jim Melichar, Melichar Broad Acres, Port Washington, WI

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Larson Acres, Evansville, WI

"Calf-Tel pens are the most cost effective and convenient pens we’ve found. They are lightweight when handling and clean up easily. In switching from calf hutches to Calf-Tel individual pens, we were able to maintain the level of superior calf health we’ve come to expect at Larson Acres. We didn’t have any calf health issues before and still don’t with the Calf-Tel pens."

- Mike Larson, General Manager of Larson Acres in Evansville, WI 

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Full Circle Jerseys, Dalhart, TX

"The Calf-Tel Compact calf hutch is an excellent hutch for our jersey calves. We cannot stress enough the strength and durability of these hutches. They have certainly proven themselves in the harsh weather of the High Plains. Having nearly 800 of them, we feel it is the best hutch option."

- Danny Cundiff, Full Circle Jerseys, Dalhart, TX

Braums Dairy, Tuttle, OK

"I first heard about Calf-Tel years ago. We were looking for a good, reliable hutch at a fair price and Calf-Tel was our choice. I’ve raised calves for years; I’ve used everything from plastic and metal huts to wooden crates and Calf-Tel hutches are the most durable product I’ve ever used. They are light weight and easy to handle. I’d recommend Calf-Tel hutches to others because they are long lasting & reliable. The company stands behind their products and represents them well."

- Larry Ricks Jr., Dairy Manager, Braums Dairy, Tuttle, OK

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Yosemite Dairy, Hilmar, CA

"When we decided to bring our jersey calves home to raise, we wanted a calf hutch that was easy to clean and keep clean. After examining several styles of hutches we selected the Calf-Tel Pro II. Calves are kept in the hutches until 3 months of age and they fit great. The hutches have lived up to our expectations and if we need to order hutches again, Calf-Tel will be at the top of our list."

- Brett Barlass, Yosemite Dairy, Hilmar, CA

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Sunset View Farm, New York

"We like Calf-Tel hutches better than all the other hutches we’ve tried because of their overall design. We can get in and out easily to care for the calves. The design also offers more ventilation and protection from the cold. Calf-Tel hutches help with overall performance in our calf raising operation, when we started out we kept most of the calves in the hutches and the overflow in the barns. We found the overall growth and health was better for calves raised in hutches than in the barns, resulting in fewer calf health and respiratory issues and healthier calves overall. We also use the MultiMax group transition hutches and found that the calves adjust to being in small groups very well with the MultiMax. When it came time to buy more, it was easy to say "we need to order more Calf-Tel hutches."

- Sandy Quinn, Co-owner of Sunset View Farm, New York

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Dairy Dreams LLC, Casco, WI

"I never had an experience on my dairy where I felt compelled to call a company to praise a product until my experience with Calf-Tel MultiMax. When severe storms and straight line winds swept across my farm, about 50 MultiMax’s were impacted. But, we were able to pop each of them back into shape and didn’t lose a single one. I’ve never before felt compelled to praise a company’s product until this experience with Calf’Tel. As a practicing veterinary for many years, I recommended the MultiMax system not only for its contributions to calf health but also for its durability."

- Don Niles, D.V.M., Partner, Dairy Dreams, LLC

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Lew-lin Holsteins, Dryden, NY

"Adding MultiMax hutches to our calf raising program allowed us to ease the transition from individual to group housing. Calves enter the MultiMax pens at weaning and are then moved to a larger group pen one month later. This transition period allows the calves to adjust to drinking from open water sources, hay and a total mixed ration are also introduced at this point too. Smoothing out the transition period from individual housing to group housing has really improved overall calf health."

- Emily Monnett, Lew-lin Holsteins, Dryden, NY

Bak Ake Acres, New London, WI

"The added space inside the XXL was attractive to us. We appreciate the fact that our calves have more space an fresh air. The XXL hutches have worked well and our calves are happy and healthy. We are still using our first Calf-Tel hutches, purchased more than 25 years ago. The XXL hutches appear to be just as durable and we expect to still be using them many years from now."

- Grady Auer, Bak Ake Acres, New London, WI

Paramount Calves, Darlington, WI

"We will be Calf-Tel customers for life. We haven’t found anything as efficient and good for our calves as Calf-Tel hutches. We really like the company’s progressiveness; they are always looking for new ideas and ways to better their products. Calf-Tel is a good company and we’ve enjoyed working with them."

- Ken Norgard, Owner, Paramount Calves, Darlington, WI

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