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Our economical, one-of-a-kind Access Front is an industry first!

The Classic Access Front paired with Classic Wire Fence Panels is an upgrade to your typical wire fence! We understand that convenience is key to maintain labor efficiency and overall cost savings on an operation. This unique 3-piece fence is designed for easy assembly and accessibility.

  • Fits 20|64, 24|74, 35|85 Calf-Tel hutches
  • Light weight, easy to move and manage
  • Wire Side Panels and Classic Access Front made of ¼” diameter hot dip galvanized steel
  • Door opens inward or outward for easy access to the calf
  • Latch secures over door for increased security and easy access
  • Superior airflow and ventilation
  • Attach to hutch with eye-bolt and L-rods
  • Fence ships flat

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Patent Pending


Weight54.5 lbs.
25 kg.
Dimensions and weights for Classic Access Front with Wire Fence fitted for 24|74.
Specifications may vary slightly based on size.

Features & Benefits

Convenient for the Producer

Simply lift and lower latch over front gate to easily access the calf.

One-of-a-kind Security

Latch secures firmly over fence for maximum security and peace of mind.


Rugged and easy to use. Fast assembly and removal to and from calf hutch.

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