22 | 64 (6′ Pen)

A design to boost producer efficiency and long term cost savings.

Because farmers and ranchers had long wanted indoor calf pens that could easily grow with their herd, or be taken down during slower production times to make space for group calf housing, Calf-Tel was first to market with a free-standing modular indoor calf pen system. Building on that legacy of innovation, we’ve worked with you, the farmer, to design new calf pen fronts that work seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel calf pens—while also providing enhanced features that improve productivity for 21st-century operations.

  • 22|64 — 6′ Side panels are available in Solid, AirMax and Window
  • AirMax panels can be alternated with Solid to limit contact while still providing increased ventilation
  • Exclusive 6-way door opens inward or outward to meet individual preference
  • Easy-grip XL handle—because you want to keep your gloves on in winter
  • Proprietary encapsulated thermoforming process
  • Steel-reinforced door frame—the only one of its kind
  • Easy for one person to set up, configure, and expand
  • Available with AirMax (pictured) or Standard back panels
  • Available with Compact or Standard Breezeway front and back panels
  • Interlocks back-to-back and side-to-side to easily configure to your facility — AirMax panels cannot be used in back-to-back configuration
22|64 Naming Defined:
2.2 Interior Square Meters | 6’x4′ Exterior Footprint


Pen Front24 lbs.
11 kg.
Pen Back — Standard19 lbs.
9 kg.
Pen Back — AirMax21 lbs.
10 kg.
6′ Side Panel *Starting at 36 lbs.
Starting at 16 kg.
Component Kit **11 lbs.
5 kg.
* L-Rods included in the Pen Sides
** Component Kit includes: handle (and hardware), two pail holders, two pails (choice of black or white), and pen divider.
Length Available5′

Features & Benefits

Optional AirMax Side

AirMax sides allow for socialization of calves and provide increased ventilation and airflow.

6-Way Door Hinge

Maximizes versatility for a custom fit, no matter the space.

Snap-In Pail Holder

Made from heavy-duty materials and precision fit for long life and reliability.

Easy-Grip, XL Handle

Designed for efficiency and speed when feeding, changing bedding or reconfiguring the pens.

Standard Back Panel

Standard back panel with basic ventilation. When configuring calf pens back-to-back the standard back panels must be used.


Rugged and easy to use for fast assembly and take-down.

Optional Adjustable Ventilation

Windows on the pen sides lets you find the perfect balance between airflow and heat retention.

AirMax Back Panel

Helps create an ideal microenvironment to optimize calf health. AirMax Back panel comes with a cover for additional air flow regulation.

Barn Windmill

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