Comfort Fence

Sturdy design — reduces labor and improves calf health

The Calf-Tel Comfort Fence provides dairy farmers with an efficient fencing system that significantly reduces labor and improves calf care.

  • Fits 14|53 (Compact), 20|64 (ECO), 24|74 (Pro II/Deluxe II) & 35|85 (XXL) Calf-Tel Hutches
  • Multi-functional door that opens inward and outward
  • Safety bar keeps the calf in the hutch
  • To clean, flip the hutch into the fence
  • To clean, flip the fence over the hutch
  • Optional wheel kit available for maximum flexibility
  • The fence is equipped with feet that keep it off the ground


145 cm
Weight70 lbs.
35 kg.

Features & Benefits

Secure Lever

Easy enough to open with one hand.

Maximum Mobility

Flip hutch into fence and go! Add a wheel set to the fence for easy relocation, convenient cleaning and maximum labor efficiency.

Optional Wheel Set

Equip fence with two rugged wheels for maximum mobility and flexibility

Barn Windmill

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