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For Newborn Calves Up to 100 Days

Bolster your herd’s overall health and growth by easing the transition from individual calf housing to a group environment. Our Outdoor Group Calf Hutch combined with the Duplex Gate System allows you to pair raise first, then shift to a small group. Suitable for 2 calves with the middle pairing gate, or up to 3 without the middle pairing gate.

  • Fits Calf-Tel Outdoor Group Calf Hutch
  • Removable middle pairing gate for increased calf interaction
  • Optional plastic divider to reduce the spread of sickness or disease
  • Fits four direct attach pails and two bottles/holders
  • Secure levers — Easy enough to open with one hand
  • Doors open inward and outward for easy access

Calf Hutch & Pen Cleaning Guide


Inside Size With Middle Pairing Gate 2.7 Meters
Inside Size Without Middle Pairing Gate5.4 Meters
Inside Usable Calf Space
With Middle Pairing Gate (1 Side)
208x 122 x 180 cm
82″ x 48″ x 71″
Inside Useable Calf Space
Without Middle Pairing Gate
208 x 259 x 180 cm
82″ x 102″ x 71″
Weight – Gate System76.5 lbs / 34.7 kg

Features & Benefits

Optional Plastic Divider

To reduce the spread of sickness and disease.

Customizable with Calf-Tel Accessories

Front gate fits Direct Attach Pails and Chute Style Bottle Holders.

Secure Levers

Easy enough to open with just one hand.

Doors Open Inward and Outward

Allowing easier access to calves.

Barn Windmill

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