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You Lead Us to Ever-Greener Pastures

Okay, so it’s a lame metaphor. We’re calf-raisers, not writers.

Still, the fact remains, every day for 40 years we’ve reminded ourselves of one thing: Behind each of the roughly two-million calves raised in Calf-Tel housing annually, there’s a farm. And that farm, whether home to 10 head or 10,000, sets the direction for where we go next.

In other words, when you talk to us about your setup, your challenges, or your big ideas, we listen. And because we speak your language, because we too have deep experience raising healthy calves, we’re in the perfect position to use your input as our guide. That’s how we create the most durable, labor-efficient, and cost-effective solutions available. And that’s how you raise healthier, more productive calves.

Here at Calf-Tel, we promise to listen to you. We are aware of your business, the hard work and challenges you are facing day to day. Calf-Tel is your partner when it comes to successful calf raising.

Hampel, manufacturer of Calf-Tel products, has been perfecting the art and science of thermoforming heavy-gauge plastic since 1976.

This is What Makes it a Calf-Tel

Sure, we began with a low bar: improving on wooden calf housing. But over the past four decades, improvement itself has become our thing. Using our innovative thermoforming technology, we’ve continually evolved and increased our products’ durability, UV resilience, ventilation, and hygiene. In the process, we’ve helped farmers like you raise healthier calves—and make more money.

The Way We Make Our Products

There’s always more than one way to do something, but only one best way. We thermoform Calf-Tel hutches out of extruded sheets of polyethylene. This process results in a molecular bonding within the plastic that is far superior to any other form of manufacturing–providing unmatched strength and durability.

As Reliable As Your Best Milking Cow

The structural integrity of our Calf-Tel hutches is proven to stand the test of time. It’s not unusual to see our hutches still in use after 25 years on the job. Calf-Tel’s high-molecular weight is combined with a UV-blocking pigment–preventing premature degradation of the plastic. One less thing to worry about.

We Care About Comfort

Happy, healthy calves are a direct result of comfort and climate. The opaque material used on Calf-Tel hutches acts as a barrier to direct sunlight, producing shade and lower temperatures. This material also reduces condensation, often found in translucent hutches, which can build up during dramatic shifts in weather–keeping calves dryer during cold winter days.

We Go with the Flow

Ventilation is critical in limiting respiratory illness and eliminating heat stress. The flow of air is strategically engineered into Calf-Tel calf hutches, and enhanced by an extra-large adjustable ventilation opening (largest in the industry) for maximum comfort and breathability. Our indoor calf pen systems feature AirMax panels for improved air-flow in challenging conditions.

We Promote Biosecurity

Many materials on the market are extremely porous, an open door for bacteria, pathogens, manure acids and other undesirables. Calf-Tel’s hutches and pens have a smooth surface without any pores, making them impervious to said undesirables, and super-easy to clean and maintain. This all contributes to lower mortality, morbidity and overall treatment costs, leading to enhanced calf growth.

Money Talks

For 40 years, Calf-Tel has been producing products that are built to stand the test of time. Longer-lasting product leads to lower lifetime costs. Combine this with the cost savings and benefits of superior calf health, and you can see why approximately 2-million calves are raised in Calf-Tel housing systems worldwide each year.

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