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A heavy-duty, infinitely modular, durable fencing solution that provides extra space for calves.

Still available in the 8|16 & 12|16 configuration options, the Group yard is our NEW fencing option that attaches to our 54|98 MultiMax Hutch and can hold 4-7 calves in the smaller option and up to 8 calves in the larger option. With the ALL NEW ThruTube fabrication, you can now add as many panels as you want using the ThruTube Extender Links to reinforce strength at the intersection making it INFINITELY MODULAR.

  • Fits 54|98 Calf-Tel Group Housing calf hutch
  • Side panels and front are Inside/Out, hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Optional Plastic Feed Trough with 16-gallon capacity is virtually indestructible and easier to clean than steel
  • All corners simply pin together for fast disassembly when moving or cleaning
  • Optional front swing gate for easy access to herd

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8|16 Sample Configuration Specifications


12|16 Sample Configuration Specifications


Features & Benefits

L-rod Hinge Pin

Side panels connect with simple L-rod hinge pin.

ThruTube Fabrication

Our ThruTube Fabrication method leverages the combined strength of two tubes, as one complete system — maximizing material strength with a mechanical, cantilevered connection of tubes COMBINED with a weld for even more strength. The result is unparalleled compressive rigidity that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Easy Access to the Herd

Front swing gate for producer to easily access the herd available as add on

Universal Hutch Connector Piece

Easy to install, Universal Hutch Connector Piece

Inside Out Hot-Dip Galvanization

A superior method for protecting steel from corrosion and ensuring its longevity both inside and outside the tubing

Customizable Front Options

Regular slanted front or V-Trainer front options available.

Heavy Duty Plastic Trough

Virtually indestructible 16 Gallon Plastic Troughs

ThruTube Extender Link

Reinforce strength at the intersection making it customizable to your needs. Using the Extender Link you can add as many panels as you like and still maintain rigidity at the connection point.

Side Panel Options

Regular side panel vs. side waterer panel that allows you to attach a Hampel Heavy Duty Plastic Trough.

Head Lock Attachment

Optional head lock attachment.

Barn Windmill

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