We Trust Calf-Tel

“Our family has always trusted Calf-Tel to raise our calves. They are durable, easy to clean and there is a hutch to fit anyone’s operation. I wouldn’t want to raise our calves in any other hutch!

Most of our hutches are 24|74s and we have a few 35|85 hutches. We love the 35|85 hutches – the extra room allows our calves to grow more while still staying comfortable. Both have the rear bedding door and bottom vents that keep our calves cool and comfortable in the summer. In the winter, our calves are warm and stay dry even in the worst winter storms.

I’m confident saying that my calves wouldn’t be as healthy or grow as well if we didn’t use the quality huts made from Calf-Tel.”

Darcy Steffes-Illinois, USA

Barn Windmill

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