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Superior ventilation for the calf and boosted labor efficiency and cost savings for the producer.

The Calf-Tel Elite Access Front paired with Classic Wire Side Panels combines a durable, heavy-duty access point with light weight side panels guaranteeing ease of use and a long life cycle.

  • Fits 24|74 & 35|85 Calf-Tel calf hutches
  • Light weight, easy to move and manage
  • Wire Side Panels made of ¼” diameter hot dip galvanized steel
  • Elite Access Front built with 14-gauge hot dip galvanized steel
  • Door opens inward or outward for easy access to the calf
  • Secure lever – easy enough to open with one hand
  • Attach to hutch with eye-bolt and L-rods

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Patent Pending


Weight67.25 lbs.
30.5 kg.
Dimensions and weights for Elite Access Front with Wire Fence fitted for 24|74.
Specifications may vary slightly based on size.

Features & Benefits

Secure Lever

Easy enough to open with one hand.


Rugged and easy to use. Fast assembly and removal to and from calf hutch.

Barn Windmill

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