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Designed for increased calf interaction and socialization.

Similar to young adults, weaned calves benefit from socializing with their peers. The Elite Pairing Fence gives calves just the right environment for this important stage of development. The pairing fence is built with the Elite Pairing Gate for increased calf interaction which helps in reducing stress and other potential health problems in calves during this transitional stage.

  • Fits 24|74 & 35|85 Calf-Tel hutches
  • Door opens inward or outward for easy access to the calf
  • Secure lever – easy enough to open with one hand
  • Calf hutch tips into fence or fence tips over calf hutch for easy cleaning and transportation
  • Superior airflow and ventilation
  • Middle pairing gate for increased calf interaction
  • Engineered with 14-guage hot dip galvanized steel for maximum durability and longevity

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Patent Pending


Dimensions for Elite Pairing Fence Fitted on 24|74
Weight227.5 lbs.
103.2 kg.
Dimensions for Elite Pairing Fence Fitted on 35|85
Weight240 lbs.
108.9 kg.
Weights and dimensions may vary slightly.

Features & Benefits

Easy Access to Herd

Front gate opens inward and outward for producer to easily access the herd.

Secure Lever

Easy enough to open with one hand.

Middle Pairing Gate

Middle pairing gate easily lifts up and down for increased calf interaction.

Fence Tips Over Hutches

Pairing fence lifts over hutches for easy cleaning and transportation.

Hutches Lift Into Fence

Hutches tip into fence for easy cleaning, refill of bedding and relocation of fences and hutches.

Heavy-Duty Legs

Equipped with heavy-duty legs for added stability and support.

Barn Windmill

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