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The first of its kind: Calf-Tel Elevated Calf Hutch

The Calf-Tel Elevated Calf System (ECS), a plastic, climate-controlled, elevated calf hutch system, offers enhanced durability and facilitates a cleaner environment for sustainable calf health when compared to wood. Additionally, the heavy-duty polyethylene calf hutches withstand the most brutal weather conditions, and its UV-blocking pigment helps prevent breakdown.

  • Easy to move, manage and maintain your units
  • Easy to feed, water and bed your calves
  • Much easier to clean than wood hutches
  • Minimizes bedding, feed times and general labor
  • Unit closes to shield against rain or snow
  • Fits inside of a standard 8’ x 5’ wood base and provides more room for the calf


Outside67” L x 48” W x 48” H
170cm x 122cm x 122cm
Inside Usable Calf Space57” L x 46” W x 46” H
145cm x 117cm x 117cm
Weight65 lbs.
30 kg.

Features & Benefits

Calf-Tel Plastic Floor

The Calf-Tel plastic floor provides a comfortable calf raising surface and reduces bioburdens with improved ventilation and waste pass-through.

Calf-Tel Plastic Floor Material

Innovative structural, plastic foam floor designed to be used with raised wood.

Hinged Door

Hinged door provides easy calf portage in and out of the Elevated Calf System.

Rear Vents

Rear ventilation hatches, when opened, are designed to provide superior airflow compared to any other hutch on the market.

Retractable Roof

Roof can be opened to provide calf with natural sunlight and enhanced ventilation. Roof can be closed during foul weather to protect calf from the elements and keep both the calf and feed dry.

Barn Windmill

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