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A mid-size calf hutch designed for large-ranch efficiency.

The mid-size Economy calf hutch is 18% smaller than the standard model, allowing dairy farmers to take advantage of a reduced footprint and economies of scale.

  • Easy to move, manage and maintain your units
  • Extremely durable, but light enough to handle easily
  • The most efficient rear-bedding door of its kind
  • Designed so each calf can seek its ideal microenvironment
  • Compact and economical

Compatible C-Series Fencing Options


Outside73.5” L x 46.5” W x 54.5” H
187cm x 118cm x 138cm
Inside Usable Calf Space70.5” L x 43.5” W x 48” H
179cm x 110cm x 122cm
Weight43 lbs.
20 kg.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable Ventilation

Proper air flow is one of the most important aspects of calf health. Calf-Tel hutches are designed with an adjustable ventilation system that lets you create the perfect microenvironment for your calves.

Optional Bedding Door

With the largest bedding door of its kind, the 20|64 maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Optional Flat Back Door

Maximum ventilation and airflow are achieved with the optional flat back door.

Barn Windmill

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