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Enhance your calves’ future by giving them a great start.

Easy and convenient for the producer, keeping your calves’ safe, dry and warm has never been so easy with the Single Starter System. Built with both the calf and producer in mind, the Single Starter Calf Hutch includes many built-in features and additional options.

The Single Starter Calf Hutch helps complete the full Calf-Tel Calf Program, calf housing from birth beyond weaning.

  • Upper metal loop for easier handling
  • Multiple vents for adjustable airflow and ventilation
  • Front gate with low threshold for easy calf access
  • All-plastic extrusion base with structured flexibility
  • Secure latch – easy enough to open with one hand
  • Optional roof for cold weather or outdoor use, can also be fitted with a heat lamp
  • Optional steel base that can be fit with legs or wheels


Outside59.9” L x 45” W x 45” H
152cm x 114.3cm x 114.3cm
Inside Usable Calf Space54” L x 38.8” W x 39.2” H
137cm x 98.5cm x 99.5cm
Starter Unit Weight68.5 lbs.
31 kg.
Single Base Weight w/ Wheels98 lbs.
44 kg.
Single Base Weight w/ Legs86 lbs.
39 kg.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable Ventilation

Proper airflow is one of the most important aspects of calf health. Our adjustable ventilation system lets you create the perfect microenvironment for your calves.

Easy Flip-Up

Robust rear hinges allow you to easily flip up the starter units and clean the hutches, floor and base.

Optional Cover and Heat Lamp

Covers can be added to part or all of the top of the unit. This can allow you to use the unit outdoors, as well as, help keep the calf warm. A heat lamp can be added to use the unit as a warmer.

Optional Front Wheels

Conveniently tip starter unit for easy mobility and relocation.

Optional Floor and Base

Durable steel base that can be fit with legs or wheels, raises the starter unit off the ground. The Calf-Tel plastic floor provides a durable and stable ground for the calf. The open design allows for additional airflow and waste to pass through.

Barn Windmill

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