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A standard-size calf hutch newly redesigned for maximum airflow, breathability and comfort.

Well-ventilated calf housing is critical to the well-being of your herd. Without proper airflow, your calves would be at the mercy of major respiratory issues, heat stroke and long-term health problems. How do we know this? We’ve seen it.

The all-new standard-size calf hutch is the first hutch of its kind manufactured with air flow channels built right in. With new structural upgrades and fully customizable features, this calf hutch will reinvent how you manage your calf operation.

  • More useable interior calf space than other similar calf hutches
  • NEW adjustable ventilation for raising the healthiest calves
  • Variety of the most efficient rear door options: Bedding Door, Flat Back Door and NEW Mega Vent Door
  • Exterior or interior feeding options available
  • Designed so each calf can seek its ideal microenvironment

Compatible C-Series Fencing Options


Outside88” L x 48” W x 55” H
223.52cm x 128cm x 140cm
Inside Usable Calf Space83.5” L x 45” W x 49” H
212cm x 114cm x 124cm
Weight78 lbs.
35 kg.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Ribbing

Redesigned with structured flexibility and rigidity.

Top Ridge Vent

Optional Adjustable Top Ridge Vent

Proper air flow is one of the most important aspects of calf health. The optional adjustable top ridge vent gives you complete control of your calves’ access to fresh air and clean ventilation.

Variety of Front Opening Options

Choose a left or right entry hutch set-up to help protect your calf and feed from the elements. Or, select our full open option for maximum airflow, creating an ideal microenvironment for your calves.

Optional Lower Vents

Calf-Tel strives to help you produce healthy, productive calves. Add lower vents to your calf hutch for added ventilation and airflow. Available with or without 3 vent openings.

Optional Mega Vent

The largest adjustable ventilation opening on the market for maximum airflow, breathability and comfort. Add our optional rear wire closure to keep your calves safe and secure inside the hutch.

Optional Flat Back Door

It may look the same, but we’ve redesigned its structure for increased sturdiness and improved security with a new metal latch!

Optional Bedding Door

With the largest bedding door of its kind, the Calf-Tel hutch maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Optional Weather Guard

Protects your calves from the elements! Available on Mega Vent Door and Flat Back Door hutch designs.

All-Plastic Extrusion Base

Virtually impervious to destruction. Also available with pipe base.

Optional Inside Feeding System

An optional feeding system keeps food dry and out of the elements, also allowing the calf to avoid extreme weather while eating.

Barn Windmill

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