Calf-Tel ECS Plastic Floor Wins Award

January 30, 2019, GERMANTOWN, WI—Calf-Tel, the global leader in quality calf housing for the dairy industry, wins World Ag Expo’s Top 10 new product award.

A large number of cutting-edge products were submitted to the contest. Farmers, ranchers and industry professionals acted as judges to select the Top 10 products. They will all be showcased at the upcoming World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA.

The new Calf-Tel ECS Plastic Floor was selected as a winner. The floor was designed and developed as a critical component of a calf raising system. The floor is ideal for Western style raising where calf housing is dominated by wood bases, floors and stalls.

Calf-Tel ECS Plastic Flooring can be dropped in to these existing wood bases for an easy transition and increased labor efficiencies. The floors will not break down over time and will need minimal upkeep. The plastic construction makes them faster and easier to clean than wood floors.

“The “Calf-First” mentality at Calf-Tel drove our innovation in designing the floor. The plastic does not absorb harmful bacteria and bioburdens like wood does, keeping the calves healthier and cleaner.” says Ed Wolk, product design manager.

ECS Plastic Floor is made out of a structural, plastic foam that provides flexible cushioning under the calves weight for added comfort under hoof and while laying down. Additionally, the smooth plastic, combined with strategically designed floor openings disperses waste more effectively than traditional wooden floors. The floor was designed with more open area than wooden floors, resulting in better waste pass-through and superior ventilation.

As with all Calf-Tel products, the ECS Plastic Floor is built to last and comes with a 10-year Limited Warranty. Come and see it in action at World Ag Expo. Calf-Tel is located in booth DS108.

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