The New Super Pail? Calf-Tel Says: Yes!

Calf-Tel Introduces the New Direct Attach Pail

March 28, 2018, GERMANTOWN, WI—Calf-Tel, the global leader in quality calf housing for the dairy industry, introduces its new Direct Attach Pail!

The new Calf-Tel Direct Attach Pail requires no hardware and fits Calf-Tel fence panels and ECS hutches. In fact, the modular design will also fit most wooden style hutches as well.

The new “Super Pail”, as it’s been dubbed by those who have used it, is made from a nearly indestructible co-polymer polypropylene. It has been built to not only withstand the wear and tear inflicted by the frisky calf in the group but much more.

“Our number one objective is always thinking of the calf first. When we do it right, it not only results in a healthier, better producing animal but also a more efficient operation for the producer,” said Brandon Sowder, Director of Sales for Calf-Tel.

Calf-Tel’s “Calf-First” product development process has led to a revolutionary design. The pail angle is parallel to the ground making it easier for the calf to reach both feed and liquid. Its rounded bottom edges are optimized so that the calf can lick the pail clean—reducing waste and making it easier to clean.

The Direct Attach mechanism of the pail provides a firm, semi-lock grip on fences, wood and other retaining fixtures preventing it from getting kicked away or bumped into an aisle.

The Calf-Tel Direct Attach Pail is available in 8QT capacity, comes in 2 colors and 2 different attachment widths.

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